Fully-Scripted Worship Series
for Advent/Christmas

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The pandemic has laid bare, and widened, economic disparity locally and globally. As we enter the Advent season, how can our churches become houses where the Holy will be born anew–offering respite, sustenance and care, opening the doors ever wider to those seeking shelter from the onslaught of life? No one church can do it all, but each can do something. As we study the biblical prophets that call us to care for our neighbors and “make room in the inn,” the lonely and frightened spaces within us are filled with the light of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

This worship series utilizes scriptures from the Revised Common Lectionary Year C (usable any year if you don't follow the lectionary all the time), and is designed for churches whether they are producing online, pre-recorded, live video conference, adapted or full in-person worship.

What's included in your purchase:

  • Worship Scripts for Advent 1-4, Christmas Eve, Sunday after Christmas (including suggestions for hymns/songs/anthems)
  • Scripts for Children's Time and Community Liturgy
  • mp3 recordings and music scores (piano, guitar, vocal, handbell) for "Hope Waits for Us at Christmas," original threshold moment (Introit) song by Amanda Udis-Kessler
  • mp3 recordings and music scores (piano, vocal) for original prayer song, "Make of My Heart a Stable"
  • Sermon fodder and book suggestion for your leadership team
  • Original poetry for the series for small group gatherings
  • Visual and Media Arts notes to get your creativity started
  • Series logo and Canva template for complete customization
  • Series video trailer to get the word out (customizable)
  • Ideas for adaptations in this new era
  • Access to the Worship Design Studio community of churches to share ideas and support!

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Watch the Get-Ready Webinar

Join Dr. Marcia McFee as she talks about the theme of the series, what's included in the materials, and how to get ready for an amazing journey through Advent/Christmas! You'll also hear from our guest experts who contributed to the series. Click on the video below to watch on this page. Direct link: https://youtu.be/lxvMMfHsNSo

Scriptures and Synopses for Each Week

Week 1: “Making Room” (Hope)

We usually associate fasting with Lent, but the Eastern Church observes a “Nativity Fast” in preparation for the birth of Christ, understanding fasting as a way to “make more room” for the Holy and shift our focus to care of the neighbor. In a time when so many are suffering the economic consequences of the pandemic, we are invited this year to create room for more hope in the world as we learn to reallocate and multiply resources in ways that are just and right.

Jeremiah 33: 14-16 (CEB)

Psalm 25: 4-5 (CEB)

Week 2: “A Place at the Table” (Peace)

Like the childhood game of “musical chairs,” we are convinced that there are not enough places at the table. And so we shrink the guest list just in case there is not enough, and we scramble to occupy the chairs first. And yet our sacred texts invite us to imagine and make real the gathering of all people to the table, robed in the garments of a Peace that comes with justice. This is what really matters– this is the fruit of what is right and good.

Baruch 5: 1-5 (CEB)

Philippians 1: 9-11 (CEB)

Week 3: “How Much Is Enough?” (Joy)

As John baptized new converts, he invited them to live with “changed hearts and lives.” When asked how to do that, his answers all point to making sure no one is cheated or left without the basic necessities of life, including the right to not be  harassed. A full life of joy, which the prophet Isaiah describes as an everflowing spring, is the birthright of all children of God. May we act to make it so.

Isaiah 12: 2-6 (CEB)

Luke 3: 10-14 (CEB)

Week 4: “A Room with a View” (Love)

This has been an Advent season of prophets: Jeremiah, Baruch, Isaiah, Micah. And now the prophet is Mary–the woman who was the original house for the holy. She was “the inn,” her womb gestating love for the world. With all her heart, she proclaims that the lowly are lifted, the hungry are fed, mercy reigns. Like Mary, we must envision, must see, must prophesy and act on that vision for the world that God continues to call us to co-create. What is the view from the room that God has prepared?

Micah 5: 2-5a (CEB)

Luke 1: 46-55 (CEB)

Christmas Eve: “The Inn"

The Inn is now open for business. The long-awaited Messiah has been born and on him the light shines. We have only to open the doors of our lives and to say “welcome.” Our Advent journey has led us to this moment when the light shining through a closed door becomes one opened to new possibilities, new relationships. What a poignant moment for us this year as the light–the hope, peace, joy and love–multiplies from one illuminated heart and hand to another.

Isaiah 9: 2-7 (NRSV)

Luke 2: 1-7 [8-20] (NRSV)

Sunday after Christmas: "Dwelling"

Developed in the 14th century, the word “dwell” became known as a “lingering” or “abiding.” It had connections to “in-habit”–another word developed at that time. After an Advent/Christmas season of focusing on housing the holy, how will we linger and abide in this habit of hospitality? What habits did you invite into your heart in this season that you desire to take with you into the new year? How might we sustain the dwelling places that feed, house, clothe those who need it most?

Colossians 3: 12-17 (NRSV)

Luke 2: 41-52 (CEB)

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